Our customers are satisfied with our products as we can guarantee stable range of colours, in manufacturing our products will not lose colour and we use high quality wool for production. Our 3 main products are:
  1. yarn
  2. carded wool
  3. pre-yarn
We produce different types of yarn:
  1. artistic yarn
  2. solid colour yarn
  3. natural yarn

Our yarns are in hanks.
8/1 yarn weights between 100 - 150g
8/2 and 8/3 yarns weights between 150 - 300g
Spoolen yarn is pre-ordered and spool weight ~1,5kg

Artistic yarn

Artistic yarn is many coloured yarn, which has smooth changeover of colours. We produce Artistic yarn with coarseness of 8/2, which suits well for knitting with machines, but weavers and people who crochet appreciate our yarn as well :)

Rainbow Black-Lila Lilac Black-White Blue Blue-Lila Fall Lavender

Flame Green Grey-orange Pink-Beige Pink Red Rusty Brown-Blue

Green-Yellow Blue_II Sand Brown-Pink Red II Pink-Lila Lamb

Africa Aqua Black-Brown Carnival Fuxia Grey-Red Lilac-Beige

Beach Burgundia GreyLila GreyPink Hall artistic Petroleum River Türkiis



Solid colour yarn

Solid colour and natural colour yarn we produce with coarseness of 8/2 as well as coarseness of 8/1 and 8/3.

Light pink Pink pale Pink Light Red Dark red Rusty Dark blue Clear blue Medium blue

Light blue Yellow Light green Dark green Light lila Dark Lila Black Turquoise



Natural colour yarn

Natural colour yarn is made of not coloured wool.

White Light grey Grey Dark grey Brown-black Lamb

We sell spooled yarn, if you'd like to buy it, please pre-order.



Carded wool

Our carded wool is praised by craftsmen as it felts up good.

Carded Wool Carded Wool Carded Wool Carded Wool Carded Wool Carded Wool Carded Wool
Carded Wool Carded Wool Carded Wool Carded Wool Carded Wool Carded Wool



We produce pre-yarn the same colour shades as yarns- natural, solid colour and artistic.